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About Pandavapura

The historic place, Pandavapura, is a small beautiful town situated in Mandya district in the state of Karnataka. The name of the town suggests its importance in Hindu mythology. The town got its name from Hindu mythological characters Pandavas i.e. Town of Pandavas. It is believed that Pandavas stayed here for a longer period and Kunti, mother of Pandavas, liked this hill covered place.

Interestingly the town has another name as French Rock. This name is being given by French Army during pre independence period who made the place as their base camp at the time of war when they arrived to help Tipu Sultan against the Britishers. Later post independence locals renamed the French Rock as Kunti Betta. The town previously had many names like Hirode, Dandu etc. The city is divided in two by the Vishweshrayya Canal that flows right in between of the city.

Pandavapura, the place has been set in the history mainly due to its geographical features. The town is beautifully carved between two hills. The small town is spread around 2.50 sq km area. The census 2011 has revealed that the town has around 20,423 number of inhabitants. Around 51% of the inhabitants are male and the rest female population. As it is situated in Karnataka state, Kannada is widely used language.

The people in the city of Pandavas have an average literacy rate of 67% which is higher than the overall literacy rate of the country. The literacy rate comprises of 72% of male and 62% female literates in the town.  The administrators are striving hard to increase the level of its current literacy rate by establishing more educational institutes. The town is already flooded with many schools and colleges imparting quality education to the students.

When it comes to tourism, the town is blessed with many eye catching tourist destinations. The town which lies in the footer of a hill charms its beauty. The place is surrounded by many temples some of which are to be believed to be visited by Pandavas. One such famous temple is Mallikarjuna Swamy temple which has mythological value as it existed during the time when Pandavas. The same has been modernized without eliminating its religious importance.

Another famous destination that drives tourists to the place is Krishna Raja Sagara or KRS where a dam is built on Kaveri river with adjoining beautiful ornamental garden. It is said that automated crest gates was first installed in this dam that included a musical fountain during 1920. Other religious destinations worth to be visited are Kere Thonnur, Aarathi Ukkada or Ahalya Maathe temple etc. The scene from the top of the hill is the centre of attraction of the town that gives breath taking view from the top.

The town is covered with paddy and sugar cane fields which evident that agriculture is the main occupation. The town encompasses of many jaggery manufacturing units. The town is just 130 kms from the metro city Bangalore. The buses and trains running between Bangalore and Mysore have halts in the town. This makes convenient for people to visit the city.

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